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African Elephants and Lions Are in Danger

WWF recently learned that the Tanzanian government wants to build a large hydropower dam at the heart of the Selous, a large reserve in Tanzania. This will threaten the many animals that live there--especially elephants and lions. But YOU can help. Tell the Tanzanian government to strengthen its wildlife management and protect both the reserve and surrounding areas.

Dear President Magufuli,

I ask you to secure the protection of Selous as a positive legacy of your leadership for Tanzanians and the world.

Selous is our shared heritage. Please save:

The environment
In 2014, UNESCO placed Selous Game Reserve on the List of World Heritage in Danger. It is facing severe threats from industrial-scale poaching and other harmful activities that must be stopped. Tanzania and the international community should stand together to safeguard the environmental, social and economic values that Selous provides.

Local livelihoods
Damage to Selous and its wildlife has resulted in a decline in visitor numbers, and in local job losses. Criminal syndicates are decimating elephant herds and threatening the safety of rangers who are defending the front line. Rangers across Africa say that they need better training and equipment to prevent rampant poaching.

Rare wildlife
Selous has lost 90 percent of its elephants and nearly all of its critically endangered black rhinos to poachers since becoming a World Heritage site. Industrial projects have made it easier for poachers to access the park and to traffic illegal ivory. Support for combating wildlife crime should be used to implement the zero poaching framework.

Economic value
Despite being a source of tourism revenue, over 75 percent of Selous is at risk from harmful industrial activities. These operations threaten the environment and provide few long-term jobs for nearby residents. Sustainable development options should be prioritized that provide direct benefits to communities without compromising natural capital.

A champion of Selous

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Saving our shared heritage

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