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Save the Donana World Heritage site © Diego Lopez / WWF

Doñana: Europe's premiere wetland under threat

The Doñana World Heritage site is facing grave threats from destructive river dredging and illegal water use that is depleting groundwater. Millions of migratory birds and many threatened species depend on Doñana's wetlands to survive. Here's how YOU can help. Tell the President of Spain to close these illegal wells and farms to protect the Doñana World Heritage site.


Dear President Rajoy,

I urge you to save the Doñana World Heritage and EU Natura 2000 site by closing the 1,000 illegal wells and farms that are depleting groundwater and by cancelling river dredging.

Doñana is our shared heritage. Please save:

The environment
Millions of migratory birds stopover in Doñana on their travels between Europe and Africa. They depend on its wetland to survive. This World Heritage and EU Natura 2000 site is also home to many threatened species, including the imperial eagle and Iberian lynx. Unless threats are removed, Doñana could be listed by UNESCO as in danger.

Local livelihoods
Doñana provides for the well-being of 170,000 people living nearby, yet damage to the wetland and estuary are putting at risk local livelihoods. For example, fishers are seeing a reduction in their catches, and fewer tourists are visiting. Sustainable development options, which are good for nature and for people, should be prioritized.

Water sources
National laws, European nature directives and international treaties should ensure that Doñana is protected. But illegal wells and farms, proposed mining and gas projects, and dredging of the Guadalquivir River all endanger the site. Spanish authorities should implement legal frameworks to stop threats and better manage the site.

A champion of Doñana

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Saving our shared heritage

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