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The three actions you can take today to fight climate change

According to the world's leading scientists, we have 12 years to cut emissions in half to prevent catastrophic climate change impacts later this century. To reach this ambitious goal, we need to act together with all of us doing our part.

At WWF, we take our carbon footprint seriously. Like individuals, WWF's greenhouse gas emissions come primarily from three sources: how we power our offices, how we travel to work and for work, and the food we consume for work functions and how much of it we waste. We are taking steps to address each and looking to do more. We have also taken steps to address indirect emissions from our investments by divesting from fossil fuels.

  • On powering our offices. We have retrofitted our building to become more energy efficient, switched to 100% renewable electricity, and altered our working hours to reduce energy demand. Together with other steps this has allowed our headquarters to be one of a select few LEED Platinum certified retrofitted buildings in Washington, DC.

  • On our transportation. We are offering remote meeting options, increased transportation benefits for employees, flexible telework, electric vehicle charging stations at our offices, while offsetting all employee air travel.

  • On fighting waste, including food waste. We have developed a comprehensive recycling program (including for hard-to-recycle items) and a composting program to limit landfill emissions from food waste. In the next year, we will be exploring more steps to fight food waste.

Three Actions You Can Take to Fight Climate Change

I can commit to reducing my carbon footprint by taking a hard look the electricity I use, how I get from place to place and the footprint of my food. I can start making an impact right away by comitting to the following:

  • Electricity
    • I will check out solar panels or look into community solar projects in my area
    • I will look into options to switch to renewable energy from my utilities company.

  • Transportation
    • I commit to reducing the fossil fuel impact of my daily commute to work or school by riding my bike, carpooling, or using public transportation one or more days per week.

  • Food
    • I will set a goal of reducing the food waste in my home from its current levels.
    • I commit to only buying what I need and eat what I buy!

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