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U.S. Activists, Help Polar Bears Threatened by Oil Development

You have already taken action on this alert.  Thank you for your important contribution.

Please consider taking action on other issues.

Hold the Senate Accountable

Take action on this issue

As President Trump assembles his new Administration, it's essential that the people he appoints to run federal agencies take seriously the threats we face from climate change and their responsibility to protect land, water, wildlife and clean air.

Are you all in for Earth Hour 2017?

Take action on this issue

Let us know! Earth Hour takes place at 8:30 p.m. local time on March 25, 2017. Turn up the dark and get loud about climate action!

Help Save the Monarch Butterfly

Take action on this issue

Monarch butterflies are losing their homes right here in our own backyards. Will you take the pledge to help us save them?

Tell President Trump to Prioritize Our Planet's Future

Take action on this issue

President Trump announced he would take measures to roll back the US Climate Action Plan. Taking bold climate action is critical to keeping global warming to below two degrees, protection the American people, and safeguarding our economy and communities.

Save Belize

Take action on this issue

Together we can protect the Belize barrier reef World Heritage site from harmful industrial activities. Send an email to the Belize prime minister to show that you care.

Stop Wildlife Crime

Take action on this issue

Sign on with WWF and pledge to do your part to stop wildlife crime.

Protect tigers by switching to forest-friendly products

Take action on this issue

Sign on with WWF and pledge to do your part to protect forests and save wildlife by supporting products that have the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCŽ) label.

Tell Global Leaders to Cooperate on Fresh Water

Take action on this issue

Today, more than 270 lakes and rivers around the world cross international borders, making them shared resources. But many countries aren't working together to ensure water security on all sides of their waterways. Take action to change this.

Saving Doņana

Take action on this issue

Doņana, Europe's premiere wetland is facing grave threats, and needs our help. Together we can save Doņana from threats, such as illegal water use and destructive river dredging.

Take the Pledge: Together Possible

Take action on this issue

Six thousand staff. Six million members. In over 100 countries. We are united. And together, we are protecting life on Earth. Will you join us? Sign the pledge today!

African Elephants and Lions Are in Danger

Take action on this issue

By 2022 we could see the last of Selous' elephants in Africa gunned down by heavily armed & well-trained criminal networks. Tell the Tanzanian government to strengthen its wildlife management & protect the Selous reserve and surrounding areas.