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Discover > Get Involved > Take Action > Actions    About the Conservation Action Network

Thank you for your interest in taking this action. This campaign is now closed. 

Unfortunately, despite the 22,083 letters that WWF activists sent to the secretary of the interior, the Minerals Management Service went ahead with its plan to open bids on February 6, 2008.  The Service opened $2.6 billion in winning bids by companies that want to drill for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea. 

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Learn more about our campaign to protect polar bears and the Arctic.

Here are three other ways you can help save our living planet:

1.  Support WWF:  Donate to support WWF's conservation work or make an online adoption and help save animals like pandas, tigers, elephants, sea turtles, and gorillas.  You can even adopt a polar bear.

2.  Urge your friends to speak out:  Send them an e-card.

3.  Take more action:  If you have other Conservation Action Network actions to take, they are listed below.  Or, check out the important consumer actions you can take.


Protect America's Arctic from Oil and Gas Drilling

Take action on this issue

The Obama Administration has proposed offshore oil and gas development within several areas in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas. Tell Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to take a stand for the future health of America's Arctic.

Tell Congress to protect tiger habitat

Take action on this issue

In 2008, Congress recognized the threat of deforestation to wildlife and people by amending the Lacey Act to prohibit illegal timber from entering the US. Tell Congress you support the amendments.

Stop Wildlife Crime

Take action on this issue

Sign on with WWF and pledge to do your part to stop wildlife crime.

Protect tigers: Keep them out of American backyards

Take action on this issue

Remind President Obama that our government's inaction to close loopholes on captive tigers leaves wild tigers--and people--vulnerable.

Demand Climate Change Action Now

Take action on this issue

Tell President Obama that you agree--the US should help lead the fight against climate change.

Earth Hour

Take action on this issue

Sign on with WWF and pledge to participate in Earth Hour on March 28, 2015

End Elephant Slaughter - Save Their Ivory Tusks

Take action on this issue

Tell the Obama administration you support strong new rules that help prevent illegal elephant ivory from being sold in the US.

Fresh Water UNWC

Take action on this issue

Tell global leaders to cooperate on the use, management and protection of international rivers and lakes.

Save the Great Barrier Reef

Take action on this issue

Add your name to the petition and tell world leaders to defend the Reef!