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Thank you for your interest in taking this action. This campaign is now closed. 

WWF thanks everyone who spoke out in support of having strong "green" provisions in the economic recovery bill that is moving through Congress. The House passed an $819 billion recovery package on January 28, 2009, and the Senate passed its version on February 10. Representatives from the House and Senate will meet soon to resolve differences between the two bills. 

The proposed legislation will create hundreds of thousands of new high-paying jobs in industries that are working to reform our energy economy and wean us off our addiction to fossil fuels. A well-designed economic recovery package can be major step towards a more secure and more sustainable energy future.

Please visit our results section for information about the results of past campaigns.

Here are three other ways you can help save our living planet:

1. Support WWF: Donate to support WWF's conservation work or make an online adoption and help save animals like pandas, tigers, elephants, sea turtles, and gorillas.

2.  Urge your friends to speak out:  Send them an e-card or use the form below to ask them to take action.  

3.  Take more action:  If you have other Conservation Action Network actions to take, they are listed below. 

Tell Congress to protect tiger habitat

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In 2008, Congress recognized the threat of deforestation to wildlife and people by amending the Lacey Act to prohibit illegal timber from entering the US. Tell Congress you support the amendments.

Stop Wildlife Crime

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Sign on with WWF and pledge to do your part to stop wildlife crime.

Climate Action Support by Congress

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In the coming weeks, some in Congress may attempt to discredit the President's actions on climate. That could send the wrong message to world leaders while the President is in Paris, hurting our ability to negotiate.

URGENT: Congress is Trying to Block Clean Power Plan

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A large majority of the American public strongly supports the EPA's new Clean Power Plan. Yet, some in Congress are working to block these commonsense safeguards to cut carbon pollution. Tell your Members of Congress NOT to block the EPA's plan.

Protect tigers: Keep them out of American backyards

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Remind President Obama that our government's inaction to close loopholes on captive tigers leaves wild tigers--and people--vulnerable.

Bring Your Voice to COP21: Climate Action Now!

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Tell President Obama that you agree--the US should help lead the fight against climate change.

Protect tigers by switching to forest-friendly products

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Sign on with WWF and pledge to do your part to protect forests and save wildlife by supporting products that have the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSC®) label.

Fresh Water UNWC

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Tell global leaders to cooperate on the use, management and protection of international rivers and lakes.

Together Possible

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Six thousand staff. Six million members. In over 100 countries. We are united. And together, we are protecting life on Earth. Will you join us? Sign the pledge today!

Exige acciones ante el cambio climático ¡ahora!

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Dile al Presidente Obama que estás de acuerdo: Estados Unidos debe ayudar a liderar la lucha contra el cambio climático.