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Thank you for your interest in taking this action. This campaign is now closed. 

Please visit our results section for information about the results of other campaigns.

Here are three other ways you can help save our living planet:

1. Support WWF: Donate to support WWF's conservation work or make an online adoption and help save animals like pandas, tigers, elephants, sea turtles, and gorillas.

2.  Urge your friends to speak out:  Send them an e-card or use the form below to ask them to take action.  

3.  Take more action:  If you have other Conservation Action Network actions to take, they are listed below. Or, check out the important consumer actions you can take.



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Keep products from illegally deforested land from entering the US. Ask Congress to support the FOREST Act today, and help protect forests and critical ecosystems.

Tell Congress: Repeal Oil and Gas Programs in the Arctic

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Ask Congress to include plans to repeal the Arctic Refuge oil and gas program in the budget reconciliation package.

Big Cat Public Safety Act

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Ask your Senator to cosponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act, which would help ensure that the US does its part in the fight against illegal tiger trade.

Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act

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More than 8.3 billion tons of plastic now exists. Plastic is found almost everywhere on our planet. The Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act was introduced in Congress with a plan to curb plastic pollution and hold all stakeholders accountable.

FY23 Conservation Funding - Congress

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Call on Congress to finalize an FY23 funding bill before the end of the year that contains significant resources for global conservation programs.

Help Stop Future Pandemics

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Humanity's relationship with nature is broken. There are direct links between what we do to nature and the emergence of infectious diseases. We need to change how we are consuming wild animals, how we are producing food, and how we are using land.

North American Grasslands Conservation Act

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The North American Grasslands Conservation Act is a new effort to reverse massive grassland loss and conserve America's remaining grasslands.

Pledge to Cut Your Carbon Footprint

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Pledge to Do More. Commit to reducing your carbon footprint by taking a hard look the electricity you use, how you get from place to place, and the footprint of your food.

Recovering America's Wildlife Act

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The Recovering America's Wildlife Act is the most significant investment in wildlife conservation in a generation. Ask your Senator to support the bill today.

Zero Food Waste Act

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It's time to end food waste in the US. Food is too valuable to throw away. We are calling on Congress to pass the Zero Food Waste Act now.

Extended Producer Responsibility

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We need to implement Extended Producer Responsibility that would remove the burden of recycling from taxpayers and communities and ensure the companies that create waste are responsible for reducing their plastic footprint.

Protect tigers by switching to forest-friendly products

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Sign on with WWF and pledge to do your part to protect forests and save wildlife by supporting products that have the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSC®) label.

Pledge for Our Planet

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Our planet is facing major conservation challenges. It needs our help more than ever. Take the pledge to help WWF solve the world's greatest environmental problems.

Stop Wildlife Crime

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Sign on with WWF and pledge to do your part to stop wildlife crime.