Send an Occasion Ecard

Show someone you're thinking about them by sending an ecard featuring some of your favorite animals. Choose from one of the ecards below and click on the image to send it. See more ecards >

ecard of penguins holding hands that reads, Happy Anniversary!

ecard of fawn looking to the left that reads, i miss you.

ecard of beluga whale zoom in that reads, get whale soon!

squirrel monkey in a tree ecard that reads, hang in there

ecard of hedgehog in the forest that reads, sending you hedgehugs

ecard of seal sleeping that reads, Relax! You deserve it!

ecard of ladybug crawling on sunflower that reads, Good Luck!

ecard of cheetah's face  that reads, GOOD LUCK!

ecard of irrawaddy dolphin that reads, YOU make me smile

animated ecard of elephant that reads, Congratulations!

ecard of wolf staring at the distance while laying in grass that reads, Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah

ecard of plains with fluffy clouds that reads, Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah!

ecard of brown bear in grass that reads, Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

ecard of sad penguin that reads, So sorry...

ecard of jaguar laying in a tree that reads, Wish you were here!

ecard of gorilla with hand over face that reads, Oops

More ways to celebrate

Donate in someone's name

Celebrate a birthday or holiday by making a donation in honor of a loved one. Then send an ecard to announce your gift.

African elephant in water

Give membership

Show you care and make a difference for wildlife and wild places around the world—give someone special a gift membership to WWF.

Giant panda in a tree