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To help make your fundraising experience even better, we've assembled these materials just for you! Here, you can find everything from fundraising tips to information sheets for you to download and distribute to friends and family. If you would like additional fundraising support reach out to us at or visit our FAQ page.

Enjoy and happy fundraising!
Your Panda Paddle Team

Race Bib

Download and print out this race bib to wear on the big day!

Step 1: Tell your story

The most inspiring part of your fundraising campaign is you. Share why you are raising funds to help our oceans, wildlife and wild places. Make it personal by adding photos or videos, and sharing what inspires you about Panda Paddle. There’s nothing more powerful to your donors than your story.

Not sure what to say? Scroll through these examples from paddlers, just like you for inspiration.

I recognize that the world and the creatures on it are precious. Every animal and species deserves our collective consideration and support. Look and study any animal and you will see expressions of emotion and family attachment. We cannot lose these gifts of creation on our earth. We are all connected.
Ron Adelhelm

As an adventure travel photographer, I've seen much of the world and the unique animals in it. These animals are increasingly living perilous lives on the brink of extinction due to humanity's greed and ignorance that is destroying life-sustaining habitats. What we fail to realize is that with the destruction and extinction of these species, we are bringing our own that much closer to its own destruction.
James Kao

I’m a life-long animal lover and environmentalist so it only felt natural to get involved with WWF. Their dedication to protecting our oceans, climate, animals, and planet is incredibly admirable and should be celebrated. WWF makes the world a better place and allows others the opportunity to learn about ways they can make a difference in their day to day life.
Courtney Standish


Fundraising Page Photos

Use these photos to make your fundraising page your own! Customizing your fundraising page to tell your story is one of the best ways to generate donations.

Step 2: Spread The Word

Helping to save our oceans starts by sharing your campaign page with family and friends. The more people you ask, the more money you will raise. Start with a small group to get momentum, and then spread the word to everyone you know.


Email is the most effective way to start your fundraising. The more personal the message, the more likely people are to donate. Share your story with direct links to your fundraising page so they can join you on your Panda Paddle journey.

Email tip: Include your fundraising goal or a suggested donation amount in your fundraising emails to encourage donors to give.

Social Media

Social media is another great way to share your story and kick start your fundraising campaign. Remember, each post only reaches a portion of your friends, so it’s important to post regularly throughout your campaign to reach everyone. Read our tips below to help you to fundraising success!

  • It's easy to create a Facebook Fundraiser that's connected to your Panda Paddle page. Simply visit your Panda Paddle Center and click the "Connect Fundraiser to Facebook" button on the main page.
  • Set a specific fundraising goal and end date for your Facebook campaign.
  • Post updates every day with your progress and tag friends that donated to your campaign. The regular updates and urgency of an end date will inspire giving. If you reach your goal before the end date, set a new goal and challenge your friends to help you get there!
  • Mix up your posts so they don’t feel repetitive. Share facts about your favorite animal, updates on your fundraising progress, and conservation tips for people to help make a difference.
  • Add the link to your Panda Paddle fundraising page to your Instagram bio. Then when you share your great paddling photos, let people know they can donate by following the link in your bio.
  • When posting about your page on social media, use the #pandapaddle hashtag and tag us at @pandapaddle to keep us in the loop!
  • Tag your donors when you thank them on social media to give them credit and to remind others that haven’t donated yet.

Social Media Resources

Download these photos to share on your favorite social media sites! To download, simply click your desired photo and when the new photo pops up, choose to save the image to your phone, computer or tablet and then upload to your favorite social media sites.

Post Option 1
panda cover photo Download >

Post Option 2
panda cover photo Download >

Post Option 3
panda cover photo Download >

Post Option 4
panda cover photo Download >

Post Option 5
panda cover photo Download >

Post Option 6
panda cover photo Download >

Story Option 1
panda cover photo Download >

Story Option 2
panda cover photo Download >

Story Option 3
panda cover photo Download >

Story Option 4
panda cover photo Download >

Story Option 5
panda cover photo Download >

Story Option 6
panda cover photo Download >

Story Option 7
panda cover photo Download >

Step 3: Follow up

While most people plan to donate to your fundraiser, some will forget. We all get distracted, and your potential donors are no exception. Regular campaign updates are a great way to remind people about something they intended to do anyway. Updates also keep your donors engaged on your journey to Panda Paddle. Send a follow-up email or post an update to share your fundraising progress and training adventures, and let people know there is still time to give.

Follow-Up Tip: Use a combination of email and social media to share progress and engage people with your story.

Step 4: Say Thanks

Let your donors know their support matters. The best time to thank your donors is twice — once when they donate and again after the event. Share your event day stories and fundraising success with the people that helped you get there.

Say Thanks tip: Be sure to get a selfie on event day to share with donors. Better yet, write your donors’ names on your shirt, hat or other items to keep with you on event day, and let your donors know they were with you every step of the way.


To help you in your fundraising efforts, we have created a few one-pagers about WWF and our conservation goals. The overview is the best place to start, especially if you are just introducing your friends and family to the organization. The additional one-pagers highlight specific WWF priorities and current initiatives.

Hero image © Richard Barrett / WWF-UK