Find a Fundraiser


Community Fundraising personal pages and team pages are great for celebrating a group’s efforts to fundraise for WWF. Here are some of our suggestions for a successful Panda Nation page:

  • Plan a group or community cleanup event to beautify your local park, lake or beach. Ask each member of your group to fundraise for WWF.

  • Get your friends together and plant trees or flowers in your yard. An average tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.
planting a tree
WWF-Canon/Simon Rawles
  • Challenge your community to an energy saving challenge. Follow our green tips and see who can conserve the most energy and raise the most money for WWF!

  • Host a bake sale or lemonade stand and donate your proceeds to help WWF protect wildlife and their habitats around the world. Hold a guess-the-weight-of-the-cake competition and serve refreshments.

  • Recycle--Hold a can and bottle drive in the neighborhood. Go door-to-door and collect recyclables from your neighbors and friends. Donate the refund money to WWF.

  • Host a Pennies for Panda Nation drive, invite your whole town to a dance-a-thon, celebrate warm weather with a barbecue party, whip up your favorite treats for a bake sale or throw a dinner party with your closest friends.

  • Host a cocktail, dinner, brunch or dessert party and invite friends, neighbors and co-workers. Charge a cover fee, which will be donated to WWF.

  • Opportunity Drawing--Get items donated for prizes, sell tickets and hold a drawing! Be sure to check with your local government for laws and regulations.

  • Office Fundraising Challenge--Encourage your co-workers to challenge each other to raise the highest amount of money for WWF. Give the winner a prize, such as movie passes or a gift certificate to a restaurant of their choice. Ask if your employer will match your donations!

  • Buy a box of donuts or bagels on the way to work, and sell them at the office for $1 each. See if you can have them donated or discounted.

  • Babysitting--If you love kids, this idea will be a piece of cake and the parents can have a nice, quiet night out of the house!

  • Have a book sale at work or in your neighborhood. Ask individuals to sell used books and donate the proceeds to WWF. Distribute WWF information so people will know where the money is going. Once they learn you’re raising money for WWF, they may even give you more money!

  • Make a cookbook--Ask friends or colleagues to share their favorite recipe. Put together a cookbook and sell it to raise extra money.

  • Art Sales--This is a great activity for kids. Have students or your children produce great works of art depicting species and wildlife and present them in an art show. Parents and friends can buy the artwork to support WWF.

  • Movie Night--Find a good movie, make some popcorn, pick up some soda and invite your friends and family over for movie night, with admission being a donation to WWF!

  • Decade Party--Who doesn’t want to relive the 60s, 70s, 80s and now....90s!! Hold a themed party for a bunch of your friends and their friends. Donation: $30 per person. Spend no more than $10 per person on the food and you’ll have $20 per person or more to donate to WWF.

  • Silent Auction (this can be combined with any party above)--Put together a weekend getaway: a nice bottle of wine, a B&B stay, donated concert tickets, museum tickets or play tickets. Then, hold a silent auction for the items. You can either send out email bid forms or have bidders submit a printed form. The highest bid wins the prize and all proceeds go toward your Panda Nation fundraising page. It’s a win-win situation!

  • Car Wash--Get your team together for a local town car wash. This works great for elementary and high school students.