Find a Fundraiser


WWF in the Classroom pages are great for celebrating a class or group's efforts to fundraise for WWF. Here are some of our suggestions for a successful Panda Nation page:

  • Have each student in your classroom create a Panda Nation page with his or her favorite species or place as a theme.

  • Recycle--Hold a can and bottle drive with your classroom. Go door-to-door and collect recyclables from neighbors and family members. Donate the refund money to WWF.
  • Host a book sale--Ask students and members to sell used books and donate the proceeds to WWF. Distribute WWF information so people will know where the money is going.

  • Make a cookbook--Ask students and members to share their favorite recipes. Put together a cookbook and sell it to raise extra money for WWF.

  • Art Sales--This is a great activity for kids. Have students or your children produce great works of art depicting species and wildlife and present them in an art show. Parents and friends can buy the artwork to support WWF.

  • Car Wash--Get your team together for a local town car wash. This works great for elementary and high school students.

  • Host a Pennies for Panda Nation drive and ask students to collect coins and change found in their homes to support wildlife and conservation.