Meet the team!

A brief introduction to the dedicated conservationists that are behind the Javan rhino videos.

AdhiA dozen years of field experience makes Adhi a very effective project leader for WWF Indonesia’s work in Ujung Kulon. He ensures that the project runs according to plan by working in close collaboration with various partners. He also helps to secure essential funding for our field conservation.

SaptayaSaptaya’s main role as the primary note-taker ensures data is recording properly recorded through tally sheets and the log book. He has been on the team for six years and believes his conservation work is connected to his personal faith.

NasarNasar has worked with the camera trap team for six years. He loves to work in the forest and appreciate the steady income from this job. He is the backup note-taker for the team and his comprehensive notes supplements field data.

MitaWith nine years of experience, Mita is the team leader and camera installer. He is a seasoned forest tracker and his accurate identification of rhino food plant species and skill with camera placement has resulted in a high camera capture rate for Javan rhinoceros.

SumardiSumardi has 11 years of experience as a scout and rhino tracker. With his keen tracking ability, the team always finds perfect spots for placing camera traps. His accurate prediction of rhino movements also allows the team to collect dung samples in good condition for DNA and hormone analysis.

KaniKani is the team leader and his expertise with plant identification allows the team to gather information regarding food for Javan rhinos, as well as estimating browse. He is a highly respected senior member of the team, and with 11 years of experience, considers camera trapping his lifetime passion.

Ridwan "Podol" SetiawanRidwan “Podol” Setiawan is the rhino monitoring coordinator for WWF Indonesia. He ensures that the camera trap activities progress according to plan and is responsible for selecting and building the capacity of his team. With six years of experience, he considers the forest his home away from home.

PipinPipin is the unit leader of the national park rangers who is in charge of the operation of his unit in the field throughout camera trapping activities. For the past five years, he has helped make decisions relevant to Javan rhino conservation.

MirkaniA former park ranger who came out of retirement to work with the team 11 years ago, Mirkani’s seniority and expertise in the field provides objective opinions in determining the rhino food plant and the location of rhino grazing ground.

DaryanNational park ranger Daryan is in charge of the operation of his unit in the field for the past five years. As part of the national park authority, his field experience helps in making decisions relevant to rhino conservation.

AdeFor four years, Ade has been the cook and camp organizer who ensures that the field camp is comfortable and the meals are sufficient for the rest of the team. He believes that happy workers are efficient workers, so he loves to support the team by providing the best accommodations in the forest.

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