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Big Win for Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier ReefWWF-US activists, along with activists from other WWF offices around the world, had a huge success in late 2003 when the Australian parliament agreed to protect more than 27,000,000 acres of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park -- creating the largest network of marine sanctuaries on Earth. The plan comes after three years of campaigning by WWF and will increase protection of the Great Barrier Reef from 4.6 percent to more than 33 percent.

"This is a win for all Australians," said Imogen Zethoven, Great Barrier Reef campaign manager at WWF-Australia.

Commercial and recreational fishing will be prohibited in the new marine sanctuaries, which will help to create healthier, more resilient ecosystems.

"The new network of marine sanctuaries will result in very real and tangible benefits for the health of the reef and its stunning wildlife," said Ms. Zethoven. "It will also secure the jobs of thousands of Australians who make their living from this great tourism asset."

"Australians are blessed to be the custodians of one of the world's greatest natural treasures, yet up until now, governments haven't given the reef the protection it needs," she added.

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