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All across the globe where WWF works to preserve the diverse species and habitats of the marine realm, such as polar bears and coral reefs, unsustainable fishing is an enormous threat.   Places such as the Bering Sea, America's richest fishing ground, and the Gulf of California -- both top conservation priorities for WWF -- are feeling the effects.

You can help end unsustainable fishing by choosing only fish that is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

About the Marine Stewardship Council

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent, nonprofit organization set up to find a solution to the problem of overfishing. It has set an environmental standard to identify sustainable fisheries.  You can spot seafood that meets this standard by looking for the distinctive blue MSC label. This gives you a simple way to identify and purchase fish from well-managed sources.  

Take Action

If you can’t find seafood in your local store with the MSC label, please ask for it.  Businesses do listen to their customers.  >> Press stores and restaurants to carry MSC fish.  Download a letter and MSC information to give to your local store or restaurant owner.  (PDF format)

If store and restaurant owners think there is enough demand for MSC-certified seafood, they will stock it.

What Goes into a Dish:  Fish and Chips


Fish and chips


A delicate flavor and easily preserved flesh have made cod a long-standing favorite. But as we became ever more efficient at catching this versatile fish, populations began a slow decline. Today, most stocks are at or near record lows, with several in danger of commercial extinction. If overfishing continues, Atlantic cod could be a dish of the past in less than 15 years.

Learn about WWF's work to protect the world's oceans.

Find out where you can buy MSC products.


If you haven't already done so,

>> Pledge to buy MSC-certified seafood and take a stand against unsustainable fishing.