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March 3, 2022
Wear it Wild


Date: March 3, 2022 — World Wildlife Day

Fundraising Goal: Set your own!

Registration Fee: No registration fee

How wild will you get to protect wildlife and nature?

World Wildlife Fund is challenging you be fiercer and braver than ever in nature’s defense. In workplaces, schools, and homes across the country, people are showing up in costume as their favorite wildlife to protect the nature we all love.

This is a fundraising challenge the whole family, classroom, school, and office will love. Sign up today and commit to celebrating a wild World Wildlife Day.

Getting started is easy: You’ll set three fundraising goals and commit to wearing a different wildlife themed accessory, outfit, or costume for each goal you meet. The more you raise, the wilder you’ll get!

For example:
Raise $100? Wear a pair of animal ears or paint your face like your favorite animal for the day.
Raise $250? Wear a pair of animal ears and an animal printed shirt for the day.
Raise $500? Wear a full wildlife-inspired costume for the day. The wilder, the better!

Roar into action and start raising funds by asking your network to support your fundraiser—they’ll be thrilled to donate when you let them know that the more they give, the crazier your costume will be.

Hit a fundraising goal? That’s when the fun begins! Get your costume ready to wear on March 3, 2022, to celebrate World Wildlife Day.

Join the challenge to Wear it Wild: Sign up today to set your goals and start personalizing your fundraising page.



Sign up, set your fundraising goals, and get started today! Then on March 3, help us celebrate World Wildlife Day the wildlest way you know how. How wild will you get for World Wildlife Fund?

You can wear a fun wildlife themed accessory like a headband or hat with animal ears, a wildlife themed bandana, a wildlife themed tie. You can paint your face or print out a wildlife mask. You can wear wildlife printed clothes. But we recommend you be brave, fierce, and loud for the wildlife you love and wear a full head to toe costume—the crazier, the better!

Organize a Wear it Wild event at your school for a dress-up day with a difference; it’s the grrreatest school day of the year! A small donation from every pupil in the school can make a big difference.

Transform an ordinary day in the office into an event to remember. Dress-down days are so tame — it’s time to get fierce. Collect a small donation from everyone in their wild attire...or charge a fine for the lack of!

However you get fierce, however much you raise, you’ll be making a vital difference to our world. The funds you raise through this event will support WWF's global conservation efforts, including protecting endangered species, preserving threatened species, and addressing global threats such as deforestation.

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