Send a Friendship and Love Ecard

Make someone's day by sending an ecard featuring some of your favorite animals. Choose from one of the ecards below and click on the image to send it. See more ecards >

ecard with pandas snuggling that reads, Sending a panda hug

ecard with tapir standing that reads, I hope our friendship will never TAPIR

ecard with hedgehog in greenery that reads, sending you hedgehugs


ecard with puffin that reads, i love you.

ecard of a slow loris that says take it slow and enjoy the day

ecard with dolphin swimming that reads, YOU make me smile

ecard with ocelot looking into the distance that reads, I love you an oceLOT!

ecard with pupfish with round mouth that reads, IT'S OFFISHAL: You're the best!

ecard with blue whale swimming in blue ocean that reads, heart emoticon I like you a ton.

ecard with polar bears hugging that reads, Sending you a polar hug!

ecard with meerkats hugging that reads, I've got your back

ecard with seal laying that reads, you've got my seal of approval.

ecard with narwhals swimming that reads i think you're narly.

ecard with tortoise in grass that reads well shello there

More ways to celebrate

Donate in someone's name

Celebrate a birthday or holiday by making a donation in honor of a loved one. Then send an ecard to announce your gift.

African elephant in water

Give membership

Show you care and make a difference for wildlife and wild places around the world—give someone special a gift membership to WWF.

Giant panda in a tree