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Virtual • Aug 4–13, 2023

Virtual Event
Aug 4–13, 2023

Thank you for paddling for our planet!

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the 339 paddlers who took a stand for our planet’s waters, wildlife, and wild places. We hope you had an amazing experience out on the water and were able to connect with the nature that you helped protect.

Help us reach our goal of $70,000

Top Fundraisers
  1 -  Stuart Gibbs ($4,857.00)
  2 -  Stephen Weisbuch ($2,338.00)
  3 -  Margie MacDonald ($2,220.00)
  4 -  Eileen Burnell ($1,655.00)
  5 -  Valerie Weiss ($1,503.00)
  6 -  Maria Patterson ($1,380.00)
  7 -  Ashley Schrader ($1,285.00)
  8 -  Amy Johnson ($1,080.00)
  9 -  Britta Justesen ($1,000.00)
  10 -  Janaki Kuruppu ($937.00)
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Top Fundraising Teams
  1 -  Water Bears ($10,554.33)
  2 -  Shark Bait ($2,480.00)
  3 -  Fidalgo Bay Fanatics! ($1,775.00)
  4 -  Watchic For Wildlife ($1,655.00)
  5 -  Summit SUPers ($1,585.00)
  6 -  Paddle Club ($1,435.01)
  7 -  Pandas ($1,010.00)
  8 -  Paddling Partners - JK and HS ($937.00)
  9 -  SUP da ($825.00)
  10 -  Seven Hills Lake Paddle Club ($640.00)
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Panda Paddle Race Results

Standup Paddleboard - 5K

  • Name
    5K Time
    Reported Distance
    Reported Time
  1. Kristin Thomas
    5.00 KM
  2. Joshua Olson
    5.01 KM
  3. Patrick Little
    5.00 KM

Standup Paddleboard - 10K

  • Name
    10K Time
    Reported Distance
    Reported Time
  1. Kristin Thomas
    10.00 KM
  2. Elizabeth Appleby
    10.01 KM
  3. Kristina Woodward
    11.10 KM

Kayak - 5K

  • Name
    5K Time
    Reported Distance
    Reported Time
  1. Laren Meddows-Carey
    5.01 KM
  2. Michele Thach
    5.00 KM
  3. Heidi Timinsky
    6.44 KM

5K Dragonboat

  • Name
    10K Time
    Reported Distance
    Reported Time
  1. Panda Panda
    5.40 KM

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Fundraising Prizes

You can receive exclusive fundraising prizes as a thank you for your commitment to conservation.

Each registered participant can claim a complimentary Panda Paddle medal for participating and you'll earn a Panda Paddle shirt when you raise $100 or more. Plus more great WWF and Panda Paddle swag the more money you raise

*Fundraising prizes are only available to US residents at this time.

Top Fundraiser Prize

We are excited to announce that our friends at Infinity are returning as a sponsor for this year’s Panda Paddle and have generously offered a WWF Panda Paddle Standup Paddleboard to the fundraiser who raises the most money on their Panda Paddle page by 11:59PM CT on August 14, 2023.

Only one board of this design is being produced, so this is truly a unique opportunity to earn a board not available for purchase.

*Winner will be determined as the person who has raised the most funds on their Panda Paddle personal fundraising page by 11:59PM Central Time on August 14, 2023. Full challenge rules.


Share your #PandaPaddle photos on your favorite social media sites to show the world you're part of a large movement committed to protecting our planet's most vulnerable resources. Be sure to tag us @pandapaddle!

  • © @adventuresnearvancouverPanda Paddler Kristine adventuresnearvancouver
  • © Bob FlisserPanda Paddler Bob Flisser
  • © Anthony VelaPanda Paddler Anthony Vela
  • © Tiffany JonesPanda Paddler Tiffany Jones
  • © Cindy WallachPanda Paddler Cindy Wallach
  • © s_mosca77Panda Paddler Shannon Mosca
  • © Valerie WeissPanda Paddler Valerie Weiss
  • © James KaoPanda Paddler James Kao


How does the competitive paddle work?

When you sign up for the Virtual Paddle Competition, you'll select the race distance in which you'd like to compete. Then on the event weekend, Aug 4–13, choose a day you'd like to paddle and use a fitness app of your choice to track your distance and time.

Click here to see all FAQs


• All participants should protect their health and safety and that of others by social distancing while participating.
• Please stay up to date on the latest news and guidelines from the CDC, WHO, and your local and national authorities about where you can participate and how to stay safe during your paddle.
• If you are feeling sick, please do not participate.
• If you are recovering from COVID-19 or a recent illness, please consult your physician before participating.

To register for the Panda Paddle Virtual Event, you must be 18 years of age or older, agree to our site terms, privacy policy and a waiver that will be presented during registration and have a valid credit card.