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Frequently Asked Questions

About WWF's 5K for Nature

The 5K for Nature is an opportunity to join World Wildlife Fund’s community of fundraisers in a challenge to run, walk, or hike a 5K one, two, or every day of the first week of June. Take this time to connect with nature all around you, while taking steps to support global conservation.

The location of your choice! The 5K for Nature is a virtual event, which means that you can choose how and when you want to participate. Just pick a date (or a few dates) between June 1 and June 7, to walk, run, or hike a 5K for nature.

Register on our website and you’ll receive a Panda Nation fundraising page. You can personalize this page with photos and text. Then, when you’re ready, post it on social media to let everyone know that you are committing to running, walking, or hiking a 5K for nature to support WWF’s conservation efforts.

If you're participating in our live virtual 5K, prior to the race you'll receive a link to download the Charge Running app. Then on race day when you start your run, Charge Running will keep track of all runners in a real-time leaderboad, while you listen to live race announcements, a curated playlist, and special updates put together by WWF.

If you're participating in our Anytime, Anywhere option, anytime between June 1 and 7 you'll lace up those sneakers and start your 5K!

Whichever option you choose, be sure to take photos of the nature you see along the way and post them online with the hashtag #5KforNature to connect with the rest of the community participating in this conservation challenge.

WWF's 5K for Nature is a virtual event, which means that you can choose where and when you want to participate. The event will run from June 1 to June 7. The live event will take place on Saturday, June 4, but you can watch it anytime after that as well.

How does the 5K for Nature work?

To participate in WWF's 5K for Nature, register on our 5K for Nature website, update your fundraising page, and run, walk, or hike your 5K for nature anytime between June 1 and June 7. Participate at your convenience and raise funds for WWF!

If you want to participate in the live event, make sure to follow the steps to download Charge Running. Log on to the app on Saturday, June 4 right before 10am, plug in or connect your headphones, and go!

Fundraising is not required for to participate in WWF's 5K for Nature. However, you will receive a fundraising page upon registration and we encourage you to fundraise for wildlife and nature. When you fundraise for World Wildlife Fund, not only are you raising crucial funds to support our global conservation efforts, but you are also spreading awareness of WWF's mission. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to protect the future of nature. There is no fundraising minimum, but a gift in any amount is much appreciated and goes a long way.

There is no set location or specific time for the 5K for Nature. You can complete your 5K in your own community at the place of your choice, time of your choice, and day of your choice anytime between June 1 and June 7. This ensures that team members from all across the country can participate from wherever they're located! Sign up, fundraise, and take steps for conservation during the first week of June. We do not require proof of completion in order for you to participate, but we'd love to see photos of the nature you spot on your run. Make sure to use the hashtag #5KforNature and tag us @WWFPandaNation so we can check out your posts!

That's okay! We understand. While we'd love to see your posts on social media, we do not require proof of completion. Try to get outside whenever you can to complete a 5K on your own time.

You can register for the 5K for Nature on our website.

For questions about registration and fundraising, email us at

Charge Running App Questions

Prior to the race, we will send you a confirmation email with a link to the event and a personalized code for you to use to sign up for the race. Please do not share this code with anyone else! From there, you can sign up and enter your code and then add it to your calendar.

Before the event, you'll get a link to download the Charge Running app. It is available on Apple or Android devices.

A running coach will open up the run in the Charge Running app five minutes before the start of the race, so you can share photos or message other racers before we take off. The race will get started right on the hour.

The Charge Running app will track your distance, pace, and update their leaderboard in real time! If you are running on a treadmill make sure to connect to WiFi and keep your phone on your body. If you are running outside, it is best to turn off WiFi.

Most runners start their run just outside their house or apartment while they are still connected to WiFi. When the run starts and they begin to run from their house, the transition between WiFi and cellular data may drop your audio from the 5K for Nature for 10-15 seconds. So we ask you to switch over to cellular data before your run begins so that you do not experience this inconvenience. Standard data rates may apply.

Although every phone is different, in a 45-minute Charge Running app run, Charge Running utilizes about 35 megabytes of data. To put this into perspective, it uses the same amount of data as a 5-minute online video.

With a healthy phone battery, a 45-minute run will utilize about 20% of your overall battery. The longer you run the more battery life it uses, so make sure your phone is charged!

We believe that while you run, you shouldn’t have to worry about any other distractions. WWF will curate the best playlist for running and include mission moments and live race updates so that all you have to do is focus on your race. For those reasons, Charge Running does not currently allow you to listen to your own music.

You will be able to use Charge Running's chat function to message your coach, as well as others who are in the run with you. Feel free to wish others in the race a good workout, congratulate them on a job well done, or just have a friendly conversation, and share pictures of yourself out on the run!

No. The Charge Running app does not access your microphone during a run, so at no time will others be able to hear your voice.

The live leaderboard ranks each runner based on distance traveled during their race. It updates hundreds of times per minute to give the most accurate distance for each runner and is a key motivational tool to push yourself harder than you thought you could.

Not a problem! The day following the event we will be sending out a link to listen to an on-demand version of the event! While you won’t be able to participate in the live chat, you will be able to run the entire race and Charge Running will update the leaderboard with your information.

It sure does! If the Charge Running app is installed on both your iPhone and Apple Watch, Charge Running uses the built in sensors on your watch to calculate the distance for you. Keep that phone on the treadmill! It’s important that you keep Charge Running on your phone, as the watch relies on your phone in order to transmit and receive data for the race. If you are having trouble with your Apple Watch collecting your data, force close the Charge Running app on your Apple Watch once you join the race, and then re-open the app. That should do the trick!

Charge Running utilizes the sensors in your phone to simulate distance traveled via accelerometer and pedometer. Charge Running recommends that you hold the phone on your body, either in your hand, in a waist pocket, or an armband in order to calculate the distance appropriately. They do not recommend leaving your phone on the treadmill. By allowing Charge Running to access Motion tracking in your phone's privacy settings, they can generate real time distances, paces, cadence, and more, all while running from the comfort of an indoor treadmill. Please refer to the Charge Running privacy policy for more information.

Charge Running utilizes your smartphone's native hardware to simulate distance traveled, paces, and cadence. Although its usually very accurate, there can be some distance differences between treadmill distance and your Charge Running distance. In order to make this information as accurate as possible, with an iPhone, Charge Running recommends going into the “Health” app and inputting your correct height and other personalized characteristics. Please refer to the Charge Running privacy policy for more information.

In your Charge Running app, click the profile button on the bottom right of the screen. You should see a bar that lists Stats, Medals, Scheduled, and Completed. If you click on Scheduled, it should show your upcoming scheduled races which should include World Wildlife Fund's 5K for Nature on Saturday, June 4.

For additional questions about Charge Running, please visit and for more questions about the event or WWF please email us at


Registration Questions

You can register for the 5K for Nature on our website.

You need to be 18 years or older to sign up for this event. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must register you for this race. You must be at least 13 years old to download the Charge Running app.

Absolutely! Each participant will need to register themselves through our website and create their own personal fundraising page. However, the first person to register can also create a Team. When you create a Team, each of your personal pages will be linked to one Team page that will track the funds you’ve raised together as a group. This way, you can participate with friends and family members across the country.

During registration, you will be asked if you would like to create a team, join a team, or participate on your own. Click “Join a Team.” followed by the “Next Step” button. You will then be prompted to input the Team Name and click “Search”. Your friend’s team name should appear, and you can click “Join”. If your friend created a Team Password during registration you will be prompted to input that information on the next screen. Follow the rest of the registration steps and you will be on a team in no time!

If you've already created your 5K for Nature page and want to join a team, send us an email and we can set it up for you.

Things change, we understand. If you are not able to compete in the 5K for Nature, don't sweat it. You made a difference just by signing up for this event. You can continue fundraising for WWF if you choose or send us an email and we can deactivate your 5K for Nature fundraising page.

About Panda Nation

Panda Nation is a community of supporters who are fundraising to help WWF protect wildlife and wild places around the world. Panda Nation fundraising allows you to take a more active role in saving our planet by creating your own web page and raising funds to help support WWF's conservation work. Create a campaign to fundraise for an athletic event, to showcase your favorite pet or species, to celebrate a special occasion or to plan your own community project. Panda Nation is a fun and simple way to get involved with WWF's conservation efforts and do your part to protect our planet.

A personal page is your individual page that you create to fundraise for WWF. A team page is a page that is attached to one or more personal pages, which you can find the Team Roster and total team fundraising progress. Donors can contribute to a personal page, team page, or both! All donations to personal pages will appear on the personal progress and team progress.

When you join Panda Nation, you must agree to the following site terms:

My use of Panda Nation and/or Panda Paddle is subject to the Privacy Policy and Site Terms of this site. I certify that I am 18 years of age or older. I also certify I have the right to distribute the content including text and photos that I have uploaded into Panda Nation and that this content does not violate the Site Terms or the rights of third parties. I grant WWF and the WWF network a nonexclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty free license to use, modify, and sublicense this content for any purpose. I will not use Panda Nation or its email tools made available to me in any illegal, untruthful, or objectionable manner, or for any commercial purpose or for compensation. If I am using Panda Nation to honor another person, I represent that I have obtained the legal permission to do so. WWF is not obligated to use my content, and may remove or discontinue Panda Nation, or individual pages of it, at its discretion. I understand that the donations made through this web site are to be made directly to WWF, that I will not have custody of any funds, and that I do not have permission to solicit donations to, or to use WWF's name or other marks, in any other context. WWF will use all funds raised for its general purposes of environmental conservation, and not at the direction of me, the honored person, or his or her family.

Getting Started

To create your Panda Nation fundraising page, you'll need a valid e-mail address and physical address to register, to update the content on your fundraising page, and to upload a photo or video to your page.

Go to and find the type of fundraiser you'd like to create. Follow the easy, step-by-step registration process to create your page or team.

Panda Nation gives you a place to express your passion for wildlife conservation and the tools to make a difference by raising funds to support WWF's conservation work. Your page features a text section, profile photo or video, social commenting wall, social share links, fundraising honor roll and fundraising thermometer.

Having trouble updating the text section? Highlight your favorite pet or species and explain why it's important to you. Use your page to celebrate a birthday, wedding, graduation, or holiday and explain why your friends should make gifts to WWF via your page. Blog about current conservation issues in the news and why people should care. Update family and friends on your training for an upcoming athletic event.

First, make sure your photo is in .gif, .jpg, or .png format. Crop or resize your image to 300 pixels by 300 pixels. Photos must be no larger than 1.5Mb.

You can also use WWF images from the Panda Nation Fundraising Toolkit. Once you've selected a photo you'd like to use, right click on the image and choose "Save Picture As." Save the image to a location on your computer that is easy to find.

Then go into your Panda Nation Center and scroll down until you see the Personal Page section. You'll see the photos/videos section in this section. Click Update Media, upload your photos, and don't forget to click "Save/Upload Photo".

Updating Your Panda Nation Page

During the creation process you will be able to add content and one picture for the main page. Once you create your page, go to your Panda Nation Center and follow the steps to add additional content and pictures.

Your Panda Nation page will help inspire people to donate to your fundraising efforts, so it's good to take a moment to share your own passion for conservation and why you’ve decided to take a stand for nature. By updating your page and sharing in your own words will make your page feel more authentic and make people excited to support you!

Some style hints:
• Try not to type your story in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This makes the page difficult to read and is the web equivalent of SHOUTING.
• Make sure to spell check your page before publishing.
• Start a new paragraph after every few sentences. Your page will be much easier to read and your donors will thank you!

You can update the name and description by logging into your Panda Nation Center.

Yes, please do! This page should reflect you and your personality as much as possible. Your page can display two photos and one video. To update these, go to your Panda Nation Center. Scroll down to the Photos/Video section and click "Update Media".

Visit your Panda Nation Center. Under the section titled "What to do next?" click #5 "Set a goal" button. Type in the amount that you're hoping to raise. Make sure to click the save button before exiting the page.

After you finish creating your Panda Nation page, share it! Go to your Panda Nation Center and send a message to your family members and friends inviting them to visit your page, learn about the conservation causes you believe in, leave comments on your social commenting wall, and make donations to WWF.

If you checked the box next to “Private Fund” in your page settings section of the Panda Nation Center, your page will not show up in the search or be viewable to the public. If you wish to make your page searchable, go to your Panda Nation Center, select “Page Settings” in the Personal Page section, and click the “Public” button.

Go to your Panda Nation Center. At the top you should see three tabs: Home, Email, and Profile. Click Profile and then select “Event Options” in the Personal Page section and check the “private” button.

Go to your Panda Nation Center, scroll down and you should see the URL for your page. Next to that, there should be a button that says, "Change your URL or privacy settings." Fill in the box to personalize your web address. Keep in mind that your web address can only contain letters, numbers, periods, dashes, and underscore symbols. Click save.

Go to your Panda Nation Center, click on the email section at the top of the page. You will be taken to the suggested messages page, where you can choose a standard message form to send or create your own message.

Fundraising for Your Panda Nation Page

Your Panda Nation page features a standard donation tool, which enables you to raise funds to support WWF’s conservation work. Making a gift—and a difference—is as easy as clicking a button.

Once you’ve registered and set up your Panda Nation page or team page, set an amount that you’d like as your fundraising goal. You’ll automatically receive an email that you can forward to your friends and family. You can also go to your Panda Nation Center, click on the email section at the top of the page, and then choose a standard form message to send or create your own message. When people visit your page, they will be able to click on the donate button to make a gift of any amount through a secure form. Once their donation is complete, it is counted toward your fundraising goal!

Yes, donating to your own page is a simple, fast way to generate momentum toward your $500 minimum. You don’t have to give big—just give something. Whether it’s $5 or $50, your donation sets an example for the friends and family you’ll be asking for donations.

Go to your Panda Nation Center. Click on the email section at the top of the page. You will be taken to the suggested messages page, where you can click on versions for a standard form message. You may want to personalize your message and tell your friends more about your page. To create your own message, click on Blank Message and type in the text box.

You can also share a link to your personal page on your favorite social media networks.

Go to your Panda Nation Center and click "edit goal" right underneath your thermometer in the middle of the page. Type in the monetary amount that you aim to raise and click the update goal button before exiting the page!

Go to your Panda Nation Center. Under the "What to do next?" section, click on the “Add Contacts to Your Address Book” section. You will be taken to the Address Book, where you can view, manage, and upload friends email addresses from your different email accounts.

Go to your Panda Nation Center. Scroll down to the Personal Donations section and click the download icon. This CSV file will provide you with a list of donors and their donation amounts.

• Once you've registered and set up your page, send an email to all your friends and family telling them about it.
• Personalize your Panda Nation URL and include a link to it on all your other social media pages or websites.
• Include a link to your Panda Nation page in the signature line or bottom of all your e-mails.
• Start a challenge among your friends for who can raise the most funds on your team--make things fun by awarding a prize to the winner!
• Update your Panda Nation page regularly and maintain an interesting page.
• Talk. Tell people about the work you are doing on behalf of WWF, wildlife, and the planet!
• In lieu of birthday, wedding, graduation, or holiday gifts, tell your friends and loved ones to make a meaningful gift through your page and help save the future of the planet.
• Set aside a small portion of your paycheck to contribute to your Panda Nation page in support of WWF's conservation work.
• Thank everyone who has made gifts to your Panda Nation page.
• Include a cool, compelling photo on your page. It can be of you with your favorite animals, in your favorite wild place, or of wildlife that you care about.

Donating to a Panda Nation Page

Once you find a Panda Nation member whose page you would like to make a gift to, click on the donate button to make a gift of any amount through a secure form. Once your donation is complete, it is counted toward that person’s fundraising goal.

Once you find a Panda Nation member whose page you would like to make a gift to, click on the donate button. You will be asked to fill out a form with your donation amount and information. In this section you can check the box that reads, “Please don’t include my name in the public donor roster.” Please note the person who you donate to will be notified that you gave a donation, your name just won't appear in any public recognitions of your gift. If you would like a different name to show up when you make a donation, you can enter it into the field that reads, “How would you like your name to appear in the donor roster?”

Find the Panda Nation member whose page you would like to make a gift to. Under the “Donate Now” button, there is a smaller link that reads, “Or, download this form to mail in a donation.” Please print and fill out the form that generates. Then send it to the address listed at the top of the form and when we receive your check, we will know where to credit your donation.

Panda Nation Impact

The funds you raise through your Panda Nation page go toward supporting WWF’s global conservation efforts, including protecting endangered species, preserving threatened habitats, and addressing global threats such as deforestation. Thanks to the donations made through your Panda Nation page, WWF is also working to empower people to conserve resources, while improving their livelihoods.

All of the funds raised through Panda Nation support our global conservation efforts—we are not able to direct the donations toward a specific species. The donations received through your fundraising page will allow us to help protect species around the world as well as reduce threats that many habitats face to allow species and communities to thrive.

Your Panda Nation Account

No worries! All you need is the email address that you used to register. Go to the Forgotten Password page. Enter your email address and we will email you your account login information to that address.

If you wish to deactivate your Panda Nation page, you must email WWF at Be sure to include the name of your Panda Nation page as well as the page creator’s name and email address.


Please visit our partnerships page to learn more about ways to collaborate with WWF and contact us with any questions.