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Caught on Camera

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closeup photo Giesbers/WWF
Atlantic brief squid Giesbers/WWF

It's an orangutan!

Did you know the word orangutan means "man of the forest" in the Malay language? Found only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, orangutans are the world's largest tree-climbing mammals. They make nests of trees of vegetation to sleep in at night and rest in during the day. They are considered to be "gardeners" of the forest, playing a vital role in seed dispersal.

Their forest habitat is fast disappearing to make way for oil palm plantations and other agricultural plantations. Today, more than 50% of orangutans are found outside protected areas in forests under management by timber, palm oil, and mining companies.

WWF works in Borneo and Sumatra to secure well-managed protected areas and wider forest landscapes to connect sub-populations of orangutans.

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