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  • Alex's Bar Mitzvah ©Alex

    Alex's Celebration to Conserve Nature

    To celebrate his Bar Mitzvah, Alex wanted to support an organization that tackled a worldwide problem by working alongside local communities throughout the globe. Alex expressed he is "drawn to how much WWF is dedicated to fixing the most important problems in society." By fundraising for the WWF, Alex turned a special day into an opportunity to share his passion for combating climate change. Once Alex let his friends and family know about WWF's work, "they were more than happy to donate." The Panda Nation team is inspired by Alex's compassion and dedication to raising awareness to make a difference!

  • Crystal and her dog Luna standup paddle boarding ©Crystal Heinemann

    Best Friends Paddle For A Purpose

    Crystal and her best friend, Luna The Merdog love standup paddle boarding in any waters their adventures may take them. They’ve paddled together, connecting to nature in over twelve states! They’ve paddled with dolphins resting dorsal fins on their board, seen a humpback whale just 50 feet away, witnessed eagles soaring above, and seen otters, beavers and seals. Learning about WWF’s Panda Paddle was like hearing a fundraising event had been created just for them. To support WWF, Crystal shared her Panda Paddle fundraiser with business clients and on social media, quickly becoming a top fundraiser!

Host Some Summer Fun

Heat up your support of conservation this summer! Start a bake sale, lemonade stand or summer party and raise money to help protect wildlife and wild places all over the world!