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Panda eating bamboo by Richard Barrett / WWF-UK


To help make your fundraising experience even better, we've assembled these materials just for you! Here, you can find everything from fundraising tips to invitations and information sheets for you to download and distribute to friends and family. If you would like additional fundraising support reach out to us at or visit our FAQ page.

Enjoy and happy fundraising!
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Fundraising Guide

To help you make your campaign a success, here are some fun resources, expert tips, and ideas for using social media - all in one handy fundraising guide!


Panda Nation is a superb charity partner for any fundraising initiative. Not only do I fully subscribe to Saving the Planet, but the projects they engage in give me confidence in knowing my fundraising efforts will be put to good use.
Samar Shivdasani, New York City Marathon

I had an amazing experience from training and fundraising, to the actual event. The best part of it all was the feeling of excitement and accomplishment of trying something new and doing something good for a cause I believe in. As I wrote on my Panda Nation Personal Fundraising Page, I'm running so that my daughter Gabriella will grow up in a world still full of wildlife and wild places.
Christi Cartwright-Lacerda, Half Tough Mudder Northeast

Raising money for an important cause I care about helped me make a difference and raise awareness among my family, friends, and coworkers. It was really excellent to see the support coming through for wildlife conservation. Given all the competing priorities for our attention and action, this seemed like something that I could personally do to have an impact.
Misha Body, Los Angeles Rock ‘n’ Roll 5K

The main reason I started fundraising for the WWF is because I have always been in love with the outdoors and felt passionate about preserving nature's wild places. I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to not only train, but to make a difference in helping save our planet and fight for the rights of the wild against issues like deforestation, rising seas, illegal wildlife trade, and so much more.
Sierra Jackovics, San Francisco Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon


Download a Panda Nation cover photo for Facebook or Twitter! To download, simply click your desired photo type underneath the species. When the new photo pops up, choose to save the image to your phone, computer or tablet and then upload to your Facebook or Twitter page.

Social Media Tips | Learn to post like a pro

  • Mix up your posts so they don’t feel repetitive. Share facts about your favorite animal, updates on your fundraising progress, and conservation tips for people to help make a difference.
  • When posting about your page on social media, use the #pandanation hashtag and tag us at @world_wildlife to keep us in the loop!
  • If you’re hosting a fundraising event, create a Facebook event to promote it, linking back to your fundraising page.
  • Tag your donors when you thank them on social media to give them credit and to remind others that haven’t donated yet.

Use these photos to make your fundraising page your own! Customizing your fundraising page to tell your story is one of the best ways to generate donations.


We've created some fun invitations for you to print, fill out and pass along to friends and family. Or, you can download these images and use an image editor to add the event information and send to your email contacts.

General Invitations

Birthday Invitations

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Athletic Event Invitations

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Wedding Registry Cards

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Thank You Cards

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Panda Nation Posters

Print out all or one of these vibrant Panda Nation posters for promoting your fundraising efforts. These are perfect for hanging up at your fundraising party or displaying on your bake sale stand.

Panda Nation Cheering Signs

Have your family and friends cheer you on in style! Print out these cheer signs and hand them to your loved ones who are cheering you on at the race. Go get 'em, tiger! Click to download!

turtle cheer sign

polar bear cheer sign

giraffe cheer sign

cheetah cheer sign

panda cheer sign

sloth cheer sign

tiger cheer sign

whale cheer sign

rhino cheer sign

elephant cheer sign

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WWF Printouts

To help you in your fundraising efforts, we have created a few one-pagers about WWF and our conservation goals. The overview is the best place to start, especially if you are just introducing your friends and family to the organization. The additional one-pagers highlight specific WWF priorities and current initiatives.

Hero image © Richard Barrett / WWF-UK