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Bring out the WILD in your students while helping protect nature

Wear It Wild is a fundraising challenge the whole family, class, and school will love. It’s a dress-up day that can make a real difference.

After using our educational resources from Wild Classroom to teach students about the importance of protecting our planet, you’ll then take the learning experience a step further by having them spread the word and engage their community through fundraising for WWF.

When registering for Wear It Wild, you’ll set a fundraising goal for your participating class, school, or youth group and we’ll provide you with a personalized fundraising webpage that you and your students can share with others to recruit support and collect donations on.

Once your group reaches your fundraising goal, everyone will Wear It Wild! Whether you choose to have students wear wildlife masks throughout the school day or have the principal wear an animal-inspired costume, it will be a memorable way to show your love of nature for all to see.

Are you in? Sign up today and commit to one wild day for WWF!

Fundraising Prizes

When you fundraise for Wear It Wild, you can receive exclusive prizes as a thank you for your commitment to conservation.

Individuals participating can earn some great WWF gear to show off your commitment to nature and items to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Participating classrooms can earn items for the whole class, including stickers, folders, notebooks, shoelaces and more!

*Fundraising prizes are only available to US residents at this time.


You'll pick a day of your choice to Wear It Wild. Sign up, set your fundraising goals, and get started fundraising today! Then on your wild day, wear your fiercest outfit for everyone to see. How wild will you get for World Wildlife Fund?

You can wear a fun wildlife themed accessory like a headband or hat with animal ears, a wildlife themed bandana, a wildlife themed tie. You can paint your face or print out a wildlife mask or wear printed clothes. But we recommend you be brave, fierce, and loud for the wildlife you love and wear a full head to toe costume—the crazier, the better! Check out our Fundraising Toolkit for more ideas!

Organize a Wear It Wild event at your school for a dress-up day with a difference; it’s the grrreatest school day of the year! A small donation from every pupil in the school can make a big difference.

Transform an ordinary day in the office into an event to remember. Dress-down days are so tame — it’s time to get fierce. Collect a small donation from everyone in their wild attire...or charge a fine for the lack of!

However you get fierce, however much you raise, you’ll be making a vital difference to our world. The funds you raise through this event will support WWF's global conservation efforts, including protecting endangered species, preserving threatened species, and addressing global threats such as deforestation.

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