WWF Virtual Backgrounds

To make your video conferencing more fun, try one of our nature-inspired backgrounds! Check back for new images and share with your friends.

How to download your background:

  1. Pick your favorite virtual background below.
  2. Select download.
  3. After your image pops-up in a new window, save it for all of your future online conference needs.

How You Can Help

Support the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act

Ask your Congressperson to cosponsor the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act and help recycle the materials we create today.

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Help Protect the Environment

Small changes can make a big difference. Check out our green tips and help protect our planet today.

Green tips

Take Our Wildlife Quiz

See if you can guess the animal shown in each photo. Will you get all seven right?

top of an animal's head - brown fur, a closed eye, and an ear