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Free WWF Wildlife Wallpaper

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Show your support for wildlife and nature by downloading free wallpaper. Choose from any of the following categories to find your favorite desktop background. Be sure to check back often for new amazing wildlife and nature photos.

Wallpaper backgrounds are available in the following resolutions: Fullscreen 1024x768 and 1280x1024, Widescreen 1280x800 and 1440x900 and Netbook 1366x768

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iPad: Download iPad wallpaper here.

iPhone: Text IPHONE to 43144 to get WWF mobile alerts and free iPhone wallpaper. Standard messaging rates apply.

Android: Text DROID to 43144 to get WWF mobile alerts and free Android and Galaxy wallpaper. Standard messaging rates apply.

New Wallpapers
Stunning new images from WWF

New Wallpaper

Panda Wallpapers
Giant pandas and red pandas

Panda Wallpaper

Baby Animal Wallpapers
A must-download for animal lovers

Elephant Baby Wallpaper

Big Cat Wallpapers
Tigers, lions, jaguars and cheetahs

Cheetah Wallpaper Thumbnail

Bird & Flower Wallpapers
Creative shots of birds, flowers and more

Kingfisher Wallpaper

Elephant, Rhino, & Hippo Wallpapers
Larger than life animals

Elephant Wallpaper

Marine Life Wallpapers
Fish, turtles, whales, sharks and coral reef

Marine Wallpaper

Landscape Wallpapers
Breathtaking nature wallpapers

Landscape Wallpaper

Monkey, Ape, & More Wallpapers
Orangutans, chimpanzees, sloths and more

Monkey Wallpaper

Other Wildlife Wallpapers
Pangolins, giraffes, and more

Wildlife Wallpaper

Winter-themed Wallpapers
Polar bears, penguins and wolves

Polar Bear Wallpaper