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5K for Nature

More about WWF's 5K for Nature

What is the 5K for Nature?

The 5K is an opportunity to get active out in nature—and to remind yourself why you love nature and why you’re committed to protecting it.

What's required?

When you sign up to run, walk, or hike with WWF's 5K for Nature, you'll pay a registration fee of $35 . We encourage each of our participants to raise funds for wildlife and nature, however fundraising is not mandatory in order to participate.

What's new this year?

A live virtual race held on Saturday, June 4th at 10am EST streamed through Charge Running! Run your 5K with us wherever you are. Just put on your headphones, step outside, and you'll be running with nature lovers across the country. Charge Running will update a race leaderboard in real time while you listen to live race announcements, a curated playlist, and special updates put together by WWF — you can even chat with other runners on the app.

Fundraising Prizes

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If you're over 18 and want to join us for this event, you can sign up today!

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