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Photo credits: Amazon Michel Roggo/WWF-Canon; Nepal Simon de Trey-White/WWF-UK; Sumatra Mauri Rautkari/WWF-Canon; Tiger Vivek R. Sinha/WWF-Canon; Orangutan Laman/WWF; Elephant WWF-Indonesia

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Being a Paperless Member is easy.
A Paperless Membership requires a monthly donation. WWF bills your contribution to your credit card or debits it from your bank account each month. Only monthly donors can be paperless members.

Your monthly gift makes a difference.
As a monthly donor, you provide a steady stream of income for WWF’s global conservation work. As a Paperless Member, you will NOT receive any paper mail from us, cutting the costs of paper, postage and other resources.

That's right: You won't receive paper mail from us.
Once your Paperless Membership goes into effect (usually between 6-8 weeks after you join), you will not receive any paper mail from WWF so long as you continue to be an active WWF monthly donor and unless required by law or at your request.

You control your monthly donation.
You can change or cancel your monthly donation anytime by going online at - or, if you prefer, you can call WWF at 1-800-960-0993.

For a complete list of FAQs about WWF’s Paperless Membership, click here.

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At WWF, 84 cents of every dollar raised go directly to our conservation programs. And while we're headquartered in Washington, D.C., our scientists and staff are hard at work around the globe, doing the critical fieldwork necessary to save threatened species and their habitats to ensure their survival.

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