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Make a symbolic adoption to help protect species and their habitats. Adopt an animal.

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Support World Wildlife Fund's global conservation efforts with a one-time donation. Make a one-time donation.

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Become a monthly member and you'll receive more benefits online and less clutter offline. Become a paperless member.

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Join forces with a highly committed community of WWF conservation champions and get special privileges. Partners make annual contributions of $1,000 or more. Become a Partner.

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Give your family and friends a gift membership to WWF. Gift a membership.

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Don't miss a month! Your gift helps save endangered species, protect wild habitats and address global threats. Renew your membership.

Memorial Donations

Remember loved ones by supporting a cause which has a lasting impact on the earth. Donate in memoriam.

Tribute Donations

Honor someone with a gift to WWF in their name. Donate in tribute.

Legacy Gifts and Gift Planning

More than a million individuals made gifts in support of the work of World Wildlife Fund over the past year. Large and small, these gifts are vital to the success of WWF's efforts to save a living planet for future generations. Learn more.

Matching Gifts

Double or triple your donation with a matching gift from your employer. Learn more.

Panda Nation

Create your own personalized mini-website and take an active role in raising funds to help support WWF’s conservation work. Learn more.

Make a Wired Donation to WWF

Make a donation to WWF from your bank. Learn more.

Give the Gift of Stock

A gift of stock can provide much-needed support for WWF's conservation projects and offer you financial benefits as well. Learn more.

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84 percent of WWF's spending is directed to worldwide conservation activities


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