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What Is This?

Do you know what animal is featured in this close-up?

Scroll down to find out!

closeup photo NOAA/Dave Withrow
harbor seal NOAA/Dave Withrow

It's a harbor seal!

Harbor seals live in temperate coastal habitats along the northern coasts of North America, Europe, and Asia. They can sleep underwater and come up for air just once every 30 minutes.

About 400 harbor seals make their home in Alaska's Lake Iliamna, feeding on abundant salmon and other prey. This is one of only five populations of freshwater seals in the world!

Iliamna's seals are under threat from Pebble Mine, a proposed enormous open-pit gold and copper mine. The mine would destroy over 90 miles of streams and leave a scar on Alaska's pristine, productive environment that would be visible from space.

See more photos of the harbor seals of Iliamna Lake, Alaska—and take action to protect them.

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