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Team's Fundraising Goal: $500.00
Team Progress
of Goal
$542 Raised

We are Panda Expresso Racing! We plan to participate in the 2016 24hrs of Lemons Endurance Race in Deer Trail, Colorado on June 4th to June 5th. 

Sound like an ordinary endurance race? Sure but there's one catch. The total cost of the car has to be $500 or less (not counting safety components). In otherwords a junker car. These cars need a lot of work to make them raceable or even driveable. Our team toil through ripping out components, mending tubes, and replacing stuff that should have been there and mysteriously wasn't there when we purchased the car. This equates to long hours. The MVP of the team is will likely be ol’ reliable beverage of magical caffeinated goodness. COFFEE! Without coffee we would probably sitting along munching on cookies with the occasional roll over to get a drink. Sounding like a panda right? Imagine, what a panda with coffee can do? Probably have the ability to defeat the forces of darkness and restore peace to the land! Skadoosh! (Obligatory Kung Fu Panda Reference) Thus our theme was born.

We also want to bring panda conservation to the picture here. The giant panda is one of the worlds rarest animals whose habitat has been threatened. The ongoing conservation efforts of dedicated individuals and organizations like the WWF has successfully increased the wild panda population steadly. 

Please join us as we celebrate the Giant Panda and donate to our community fundraiser for the WWF! Our goal is to raise $500 during this campaign. 

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