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Team's Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00
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$856 Raised
Being able to word as a team is vital to helping the world, especially we are enduring a 6th mass extinction (for real!). That's why I started a fundraising team for the World Wildlife Fund. Around the world, wildlife is being destroyed, through deforestation, poaching, global warmig, and much more.This is bad news for humans because we rely on wildlife for many things (food, money, etc.) How will we be able to survive if we kill all the animals? I also think it is immoral to destroy wildlife for our own sake. But this can all end. Lets stop thinking only about ourselves, and lets respect other animals. Lets help people live in peace with wildlife!

Please join us in making a difference and donate today to the World Wildlife Fund!

~If you would like to view a personal page of one of our members, just look under team roster and donate to that member!




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