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Team's Fundraising Goal: $2,000.00
Team Progress
of Goal
$540 Raised

This Valentines Day, we will join with nature lovers from all across the country as we race separately, but together, in WWF’s Race for Love. 

NANcy Woo
KURT Canfield
& our dog GrIFFIN!

We will be wearing weighted backpacking backpacks for this 5k to practice for our backpacking adventures this year. (Not running, just walking with packs.) And yes, Griffin has his own pack, too!

This is the gift we are giving to each other this Valentine's Day rather than stuffed bears, chocolate or flowers. We don't need all those empty gestures of consumerism. What we love to do together is go outdoors, camp, hike and enjoy the wilderness wherever we can find it. So let's put our money (and our boots) where our mouths are, and send energy back to support the earth we walk on! Wonder and awe are not commodities, but they are essential to life. Will you celebrate the planet with us and donate to support wildlife conservation?

Our planet urgently needs help right now, and it’s up to all of us who love nature to take strides to protect it.

With a donation to my fundraiser, you’ll be showing everyone that you're one of those peopledevoted to taking these strides and fighting back against some of the most pressing threats to planet Earth—like illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, climate change and water scarcity.  

Will you donate to my race page today? Conservation is the most important part of this competition, and every dollar helps WWF address our planet’s interconnected challenges. 

Thank you for helping me protect the natural world and all it gives us. Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate this earth we love.


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