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Team's Fundraising Goal: $1,500.00
Team Progress
of Goal
$50 Raised
We are sick of doing the same as everybody. It is not helpful to share posts on instagram about the pressing issues our planet is facing, while we are supporting companies that are leading to the extinction of some species around the globe. There is more than social media. You can make a real contribution. Collaborate with us. Donate as much as you can, do your best. We are not earning any money, not even a cent. We are students fighting the human actions. Be a fighter with us.
 There are many ways to help this planet and the diversity that we need in order to don't disappear, because Earth does not need us, but human race does need Earth. If we do not make a change now, in some decades we will be begging for a drop of potable water and wish we could go back in time to do something for real. The time is today. Your chance is now. Don’t wait until you cannot do anything.
We have damaged the forests, oceans, animals, and almost every element of nature. Now, we must pay. But how? Donate. No money? Volunteer. Investigate before buying your personal stuff. Spread the good reasons. Make a change. Help. Ask for help. Become part of us. There are no excuses for this.
You can create a safer world and protect the future of nature!
Please join us in making a difference and donate today!
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