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Welcome to OSCsavesthebees Page

Team's Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00
Team Progress
of Goal
$507 Raised

Hi, and welcome to OSC's Save the Bees Team page.  Here you will find a few questions and answers about OSC.

What is OSC?

OSC (or One Step Closer) is a fundraising team working to help conserve the planet for future generations.  It was established in October 2022 and ever since, we've been asking ourselves, "How can we do better for the Earth?"  

We decided to start with our Arctic Team (saving polar species and permafrost) and our Save the Bees Team (conserving habitats of bees and other pollinators), and now we're already One Step Closer to saving the world.  

Who Founded OSC?

This may surprise you, but it was a group of fifth graders asking people to donate to save the penguins who founded this fundraiser.  Our goal is $5,000 to save the polar regions and pollinators!

What Can I Do for the Earth?

A few simple things you can do for the planet are:

1.  Conserve energy - turn off the lights when you leave a room and turning electronics off when you're not using them.

2.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - see your local recycling regulations and reuse what you can!

3.  Pick up litter - many people know that plastic is bad for the environment, so grab some gloves and help pick up litter when you can.

4.  Expand your horizons - research eco friendly ways to garden, work, and live in general!

5.  Unite - spread the word and tell everyone we need to act now. 

What's happening to the pollinators?

The biggest threat to pollinators is that people are planting fields of the same things, and sometimes, ​don't rotate their positions. Pollinators need a variety of plants and lots of it to survive. 

Another conflict against the survival of bees is habitat destruction. Once again, bees need a variety of flowers and fruits to survive. Lots of farms dig out huge areas of land for their crops. This deprives pollinators of food.

Pesticides. These can kill bees on purpose or on accident, so if you have a garden, keep it organic and it will flourish!

Thank you for giving what you can! No donation is too small.  

I hope that you have a great day!

Claire Jordan

Fifth Grade Student

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