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Team's Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Team Progress
of Goal
$280 Raised

Dear WWF, 

We give you this money that we have earned to help our favorite animal, pandas. When we started, we had a big dream of opening a big shop, and that we would make a child run business, but we had to think smaller, because you get big by starting small, and besides, that would have been very hard.

So, we asked our school principal if we could put posters on the walls, and sell merchandise before and after school. She said yes, and even let us borrow a cart that wasn’t being used. The only condition was we had to give it back at the end of the school year. We happily agreed.

We then decorated the cart with posters, a perler bead panda, and a donation bin.

Later, we bought panda stickers, pencils, notebooks, erasers and paper clips online. Then, one of us made bags and scrunchies using their sewing machine. 

Even though we didn’t sell for very much or sell very long, we still made quite a lot of money. One of the most popular things were the erasers. They were so cute! 

After we closed, we were all very sad. But, we felt very proud of ourselves and our hard work. We did not get paid in money, but we did get paid in leftover merch and success.

We got many requests to do it next year. I think we would love to raise more money for the pandas.


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