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Team's Fundraising Goal: $500.00
Team Progress
of Goal
$200 Raised

I wanted to start a fun/optional team initiative this Holiday. 

In the spirit of holiday 'giving' to your teammates, please consider donating what you can to this initiative. Totally optional :)

I've only seen an elephant once, at a Renaissance fair. It was kind of accidental, I looked through some tent wall, and on the other side I saw the head of a giant wrinkly gray skin thing with one eye looking back at me. I wasn't sure what I saw - it was both terrifying and enthralling, I realized in a few seconds that it elephant. Quite a humbling experience to see something so big that could stomp me! 

I personally love nature, and being in nature. And we are, after all, the relephants. So I thought for those who are so inclined we could put in some money (big or small) for the real Elephants of the world (and gorillas, and other animals out there)

Please join us in making a difference and donate today!
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